Where did all the extra weight appear from … perhaps we didn’t chew or swallow our food or liquid enough?

DSC01368-1024x6831.3 kms up the road after boarding the rig, there was a gunshot from behind and then we came to a complete stop. I turned to see if BClaire wasn’t bleeding from anywhere only to notice she had sunk below the horizontal, but still upright cursing at who ever took the pop shot. Phew, our rear tyre had blown … and her words were more in tune with nearly dacking herself versus cursing. She must have eaten more than me over the course of the days before because my tyre was still inflated!

A quick repair and then we were once again motioning forward.

DSC01373-1024x683We had left a little later than usual and the temperature was already into the twenties with a cloudless sky. It was to be a big day in the saddle (too far) and the water consumption had jumped two fold.

DSC01375-1024x683Today, we were introduced to the prairies where the roads are long and straight with limited shade. It feathered the conversation as to what we are going to look like tan wise after the kms of being sun baked; licorish all sort, black and white minstrals, ice cream sandwiches and such. See, you do have lots to talk about with so much time in each others presence on a tandem cycling crossing the maple leaf. Except the face creases are more from squinting and grimacing at the mirages ahead!


The advice taken from folk was the prairie lands are flat and we accept it can be easily be believed from the seat of a motor vehicle. Let’s just say that there is undulation that are not mirages. It was certainly a tough day distance and heat wise, however, we needed to get a taste of the provences yet to be cycled, even if it was salty.

We do believe that we are going to watch the grass grow in the weeks ahead.