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6/9/16 Whitbourne to St Johns – 88.3 km: Memories Are The Story Book Of Our Lives.


Our cyclist friend Ken has been part of our journey since British Columbia. On a couple of occassions, we have taken a different road only to join up somewhere further up the road. Cripes, we remember bidding farewell to him yonks ago, twice! So to start today’s ride together was special. Ken has been a great sounding board with a kind ear to listen to our jibberish. And many a jibberish has been spoken since the first introduction made. Having shorter legs than Ken, it didn’t take long to see his silhouette disappear over a hill. He puffs easy so we knew we would eventually catch up!



It was in Holyrood where we did. Reflection and beyond was discussed. Again the costumes bridged a new conversation with a total stranger that resulted in being given a freshly baked loaf of bread. And then there was just us again to cycle the remaining distance into St Johns, Newfoundland.




dsc05902-1280x853Locating and having a picture taken near the ground compass outside City Hall kind of signalled the moment we disembarked the rig and officially declared “we did it, yay.” However, we went on a little further to locate the memorial monument to Terry Fox. This was the ‘Mile 0’ point that had more significance. It marks the spot where Terry started his Marathon of Hope … where one man’s dream began and where a nation’s hope lives on. Google Terry Fox and check out his story and have a tissue at the ready. His legacy has kept our spirit alive to keep going and never give up.


We did it, yay!

dsc05954-1280x853Finding our hostel, we connected with Ken once again. It was off to wander downtown St John’s. Later we met up with our other cyclist friend Marcus. It was like a family reunion – can you imagine the jibberish that was waffled! Marcus introduced us to some more fellow cyclists who also crossed Canada by bike and we all ended up at a bar for the traditional screech (Rum) and kissing of the cod (Frozen real one). Kissing the Puffin’s butt was in there somewhere … thanks goodness that was a stuffed toy.







This journey has been up there and we hope you have had an enjoyable ride with us as much as we have enjoyed riding it. Memories are the story book of our lives. We have been very humbled at all the support from everyone. This includes those from far away as much as those we have meet during. The kind hospitality and comments have been appreciated sincerely – thank you from the Rurus.

We have made fantastic time to arrive and are here in St John’s for a couple of days. We need to get our bearings and map out where to from here, our flight out of New York for down under isn’t until the 15th October … it ain’t over yet sorry!

I’d like to complete today’s blog post with the bronze quote at the Terry Fox monument, St John’s, Newfoundland:

“I wish people would realize that anything’s possible if you try, dreams are made if people try.” – Terry Fox.


Sooooo true. We speak from experience … having cycled across Canada by tandem.


  1. THANK YOU for sharing your great adventure cycling Across Canada!

    I really enjoyed reading it … so much so that i’ve made a GoogleMap of your trip…(i hope you don’t mind)

    This will help others cycling across Canada, and inspire many more.

    I hope to one day see New Zealand, as I think it’s full of beautiful people like yourselves.
    Thanks again for sharing your journey,
    Sam Vekemans
    Victoria, BC

    • Brent

      November 3, 2016 at 4:50 pm

      Hey Sam
      Thank you for your comment and kind words, very humbling.

      More so the awesome task of mapping our journey, that’s just amazing.

      We miss being on the bike as the time since the last pedal seems ages ago. However in writing that, we are now preparing to walk the length of New Zealand (3,000 kms) on the Te Araroa Walk. We depart for the tip of NZ on 14th November hoping to take the first steps a couple of days after.

      It’s time to walk our own back yard. Cycling across Canada by tandem was our training!

      Always a bed and meal here if you do come down under. Do let us know … we will be waiting.
      Grins with appreciation
      The Rurus – Brent & Claire
      New Zealand

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