The trailer being towed got an injury today.

No sooner had we hit the road, the pull behind got heavier. I thought it was Claire not peddling! Again.

A deserved slap however, it was a deflated trailer tyre. Ran over a tack resulting in a road side repair. One toot from behind from a car passing looking at my behind. Again.


DSC02284-1280x853A pat on the back from Claire and we were in forward motion. Again. An hour or so later we pulled up outside the bike shop Petries in Thunder Bay.



An hour and a half later, minor surgery on the tandem. The chain was downsized two links; the front gears tightened so we can now use the front cog; more butt butter; and the Fatty’s new fats – two new tyres and tubes.

Apparently we will be able to go faster and sped around corners like a motorbike.


Awesome work Petries Bike Shop.

One happy wife with the new treads.


Till the first bend.