Mist had lowered to encapsulate the camping spot.  Still the sound of the rapid could be heard above the de-camp.

The decision to place the camera into a dry bag and store it in a barrel was made with much hesitation. To capture a journey in the split second of a click paints a thousand more words than what can be written.  It was safety to protect the electronics first and foremost!

The first rapid after launch successful with more rapids beyond that stretched the imagination to the worst possible outcome however, no capsizes this day.  A complete 180 degree turn around to be facing in the opposite direction of the flow was a hairy moment when the technique got out of kilter.  Added excitement.  And a few terse words under the breath silently spoken.  Not at each other, more toward the river having greater control.

We decided to camp at a camp spot earlier than the one booked, Maharanui.  The shorter the distance in lugging our barrel life, the better.  Day two and we had got the flow of things.

Or had the flow still got the better of us?