It’s been an activity of exilarating busyness rubbing noses with folk and spending time with family since we arrived home!

The reflecting through sharing stories from the bike seat have kept the journey of Canada’s and the US’s travel alive.  It won’t be long before the defining moments etched will start to fade into yesteryear … not because of age dementia (okay, a little bit perhaps), but more so because the arrival of the next adventure has appeared on the horizon!

The stepping out of our own back yard trekking the mighty Te Araroa Walk is nigh.




Preparation has started with the short walks around our neighbourhood and hills.  That’s the easiest part.  We are yet to swing on the back pack with our five months worth of livelihood because that is still a work in progress!

The written list of ‘what to carry’ is materialising in the physical form and with it comes the lessons learnt from humping weight across foreign lands before.  Sneak it into each others pack when the other isn’t looking!


It’s a game we play to keep the sense of humour at the forefront of our mind to help with only taking the bare essentials.  The ‘nice to have and just in case shit’ will be discarded before the first steps are taken.  You can’t match personal experience.

Our minds are already on the walk imagining the defining moments we will add to our journals of travel.  All we have to do is get the bodies there.

To lie in a hot pool at night under the starry sky, and pick out the Southern Cross.  We live under that constellation.  It’s on our flag.  Due south can be ascertained by reference to it.  Te Araroa, as a general rule, walks towards it.

But first, we have to make our way north to Cape Reinga, New Zealand’s northernist most point where we will start.  November 14th, we board the plane bound for it.

Travel is 90% anticipation and 10% recollection.  Anticipation accounts for a monumental chunk of the journey and shouldn’t be considered separately.

Very much looking forward to placing one’s backpack on the scales at check-in to see who has lessor of weight.

I am so not carrying the hair dryer!!!