Our noses were pointed toward part of the New England region as we headed into the wilderness for the weekend.  Joan and Kevin wanted us to experience a piece of the countryside where the colour of seasonal change would take your breath away.

That had nothing to do with their driving on the inter-state neither!  That was a separate gasp of breath encounter.







Our leg stretch was at Woodstock made famous for a 1969 music festival that attracted over 400,000 ‘love and peace’ counter culture generationals.  Creedance Clearwater Revival, The Who, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin just to drop some names of musicians who attended over the three days of drugs, mud (from downpouring rain) and hippie-ivities.  It’s one of the 50 Moments that changed rock and roll as stated by Rolling Stone.   No magic mushrooms for us during our stretching!


Vermont, known for it’s natural landscape with thousands of acres of mountain terrain, it is the capital for the production of the gooey sticky stuff, maple syrup.  The first spring thaw signals the beginning of harvest season, from tree to table pancakes; it’s the place where is all begins.

Today though, the foilage is reaching the full aging cycle turning crimson, orange, and yellow from the once lush green.  Eventually, everything turns brown.  The sap went indoors to hibernate long ago.


As suburbia lessoned, the forrest lands strengthened.

And so did mother nature’s canvas of water colour or pastel or oil or acrylic.


No artist could ever capture what we were experiencing.

The sound of a leaf drifting toward gravity and it’s touchdown spot like a space capsule returning to earth is a soft silence.  There were literally millions of touchdowns already.  And a whole universe still to go.


As we sat on the front deck over looking more of the same, the shadows became twilight as the sun disappeared over the horizon.  It was just picture perfect.

It really did.  It took our breaths away.