As we were packing the last of our kit in preparation for our departure, we bid farewell to our biking buddy Ken. The kilometre had arrived where separation was inevitable due to different blueprints of arriving into Montreal and beyond.

DSC04249-1280x853Since meeting up in Wawa, together we have shared 1286 kms of tarseal. It’s wasn’t as much as a ‘goodbye’ but more a ‘see you on the road somewhere’. And then he was gone.

It was a weird silence as we trundled out of Cornwall not hearing the American accent at the end of a jib! He acted as our GPS heaps too and was certainly missed further up the road when we crossed over Provinces.

Yep, it was Goodbye Ontario, Bonjour Quebec.


Road signs in French are going to take extra vigilence to ensure we are going due east. Riding along the canal on a cyclway had moments of confusion when the pathway split and we had to play ‘paper, scissors, rocks’ to decide with one to take. Damn you Ken for leaving us like this!


We nearly ended up in the canal when we missed road-killing our first live snake. Claire’s wish to stop at a picnic table for lunch or perhaps camp quickly evaporated. Instead, we found a pagola shelter to eat at introducing ourselves to another cyclist, striking up a conversation with the retired gentleman. Everything was quite pleasant when from the cycleway we had come rode Ken! WTF!

DSC04257-1280x853Of course, there was only Kiwi English jibbing at the situation as poor Ken expressed dumbfoundedness at how we managed to pass him. Especially when he departed a good 30 minutes before us. It was halarious! More chit chat and then again, he was gone. The elderly cyclist (JD) we befriended chaperoned us on a different route to the cycleway and then led us to a bike shop (Le Suroit Cycle & Ski) for us to check out repairing the brakes – the front were now truely metal on metal when applying the brakes.




Unfortunately our brake specs are specialized. It took a number of phone calls by Eric the bike mechanic to locate a Supplier and thus order some meaning an unexpected lay over till Monday. JD offered us to stay with him and his wife for the whole time, another act of kindness. It was decided to crash at a motel for a couple of nights and then at JD’s for Sun/Monday night.

DSC04269-1280x853By the time Eric bled the brakes, the heatwave had arrived and we were relieved to arrive and disembark the rig.

Today’s ride had achievement, adversity, act of kindness, resilience and dumb founded wit.

I’ll leave you to determine what was which!


Bonne nuit from Quebec.