We took a layover day at the camp ground.

Having re-invented ourselves to develop a book keeping business, we carry a lap top.  We trialled the concept of doing book keeping whilst travelling during our recent time spent in Canada and it worked well.  Everything is in the cloud now and it provided us with the confidence that we can be mobile whilst serving our customers and thus generate income.  A lifestyle business whilst playing.

Therefore, there are times when we need to take some time out so as to spend some time on book keeping for our customers.  And today was one of those days.  Claire more so than me.  It was blogging and illustration catch up for me.  Something yet to be developed into an income generating stream.

The legs got a rest too.

A couple who semi-live at the campground invited us to share a home brew and some smoked Trevalli and Snapper fish caught first thing in the morning.  All three were delicious and was unexpected hospitality.



A stressful day at the office.  Not!