The ferry for Newfoundland departed from North Sydney at 5.30 pm.

We had all day to cycle the tiny distance that took us around the bay where the water was glass.




The bodies had recovered somewhat meaning the distance and undulation ridden was with ease. We hovered within the confines of the ferry terminal to watch rows of vehicles line up and foot passenger growth congest inside seating. We were the first to be waved onto the ramp and into the hold, it was so cool.


dsc05834-1280x853We found our seating at the bar lounge that had a penthouse view looking forward. It would eventually become our bed spot for the night as the sailing takes approximately 18 hours overnight and we chose not to take a cabin berth. It was a superb location to be entertained by drinking bikers; a cabaret singer on an electronic piano singing songs like Karen Carpenter; we met a family returning to NF who chatted with us about life as Newfie intergration after moving there four years ago; and a mother and daughter at dinner who joined us afterwards where we got to learn one blows off whilst being sick under the influence and one blows off when whilst they cough. It’s a mother/daughter thing!


The bar closed, patrons soon left however, the lights weren’t extinguished. We stretched our frames horizontal sleeping in our clothes to get what shut eye we could.

Ice bergs have been known to bob around the same waters being propelled. Sure there weren’t any in our path after watching the bikers consume what they were with ice.

Looked like five ice bergs worth from where we were sitting!