The predicted heat wave struck early in the ride.

No amount of underarm deodorant was going to dam up the stench of a good ole armpit sweat. Felt sorry for the poor bastards behind. Oh, that was Claire and a little ways back, Ken! Short ride, half the remaining distance from the day before yesterday given our stopover in Morrisburg. Not much stink to contend with really!

DSC04245-1280x853At 38 degrees humidex, we bumped into an on-coming cyclist slip streaming what shade there was. Sean had already cycled 5 hours to have a crack at going 600 kms from Montreal to Toronto!!!!!! He acknowledged that it was going to be impossible to complete in one hit due to the temp and was going to stop at 300 kms later in the day. Pfft, made our 43 odd distance pathetic.

Always someone worse off than us those, can you imagine his underarms?

The birth of a commonwealth country along the St Lawrence is well evidenced with history.


DSC04212-1280x853The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm is one such location. It’s monument a reminder that before all the modern warfare technology of today, we of the empire fought against and defeated those of the stars and stripes. Ever since, quite pleased we are their allies. Cannon balls today are rounder and bigger and drop from the horizontal versus get hurled from the vertical!





Today was probably the last time we ride with our buddy Ken sharing the cycling journey across the Provinces of Canada together. We need other humans in order to be human. It’s been a real pleasure bike buddy Ken, cheers fella.

It’s back to us being Kiwi aliens in a French speaking part of the commonwealth tomorrow.

Might as well start saying “Kia Ora”. Let them know we are stinky native ones.