Last evening, we watched a cyclist walk in and sit down at a table.

We couldn’t help ourselves and invite him over to join us for dinner versus sitting alone. He did without any hesitation. Let us introduce Dave Robinson from Kimberley, Ontario. His summer vacations are spent on the bike seat cycling all over Canada. A retired Teacher and now an artist. However, what made him more attractive was him being a minimalist.

A tougher minimalist at that.

DSC02209-1280x853Dave carries no tent, no towel and no soap. A hammock for a bed that has insect netting and tarp to cover him for protection from the bugs and elements; a hat that doubles as a towel and hot pot holder; Dave baths in the lakes and makes the most of rest room soap for hair and the like when dining at diners. His accommodation costs are zilch due to his resting stop locations either in churches, cemeteries or arieal towers; he keeps a journal of his travels that include his illustrations that he shared with us; and what was humbling, because blueberry pie was on the desert menu and they were locally grown and picked before the Bears got to em, he paid for our desert on his tab as a pay it forward.

A brief summation of 120 minutes time spent with this guy, it was just inspirational where other folk would be going ewwwwwwwww yuck!

The beauty about the natural bathing is because Bears in the wild are attracted to food and deodorant smells. This includes insect repellent and medications that have a scent. But what was magic was the fact he was a some one we could relate too that was more mature in minimalism. That and the fact he was older.

Now, we can hear some people going what a whacko!

But imagine though how long Dave could remain out on the road traveling? Experiences collected seeing the countryside; tasting the cuisines; learning about the culture; meeting the citizens; and making new connections. This is not for everyone we understand however, there is a difference between a life lived on a treadmill and one that is lived on a conveyor belt. That much we do know.

We returned to our room; closed the curtains to stop the mosquitos from keeping us awake bumping into the glass; got into the comfy queen bed with pillow; used the remote to switch on the tele to find the channel showing a M.A.S.H. re-run; and pondered where Dave found a spot to hold up for the night.

Todays ride had us mapping strategy for a better tomorrow.

We don’t need to be extreme like Dave. We just need to re-calibrate some stuff around footprint, possesssions and consumerism in tune with our passion to be Kiwi Minimalists and what that entails to live a life of fulfillment.


Before today’s start, we returned to the diner and had a cooked breakfast before we saddled up as part of the action plan.

Eggs sunny side up are protein. Eight days on the trot, ya just gotta have eggs somewhere in the plan.

Dave Robinson, Artist and Minimalist. You are not alone.