What is Ireland’s Official Colour?

a) Blue

b) Orange

c) White

d) Green

I have no idea! But aren’t Leprechaun’s lemon colour?


The question and optional answers were on a external wall of an Irish Pub that we stopped at after breakfast at a re-known diner – Frank’s Deli and Restaurant.

The pub had all sorts of paraphinalia plasted to the frontage, there was no rhyme or reason.  However, some of the objects put a grin on one’s dial.  Some objects, a shake of the head.







Making pleasantry conversation with the waitress at the diner resulted in being served up a complimentary ‘world-famous’ jellie donut.  A nice sugary sweet after the pork roll that was the breaky feast.


An original framed menu hanging from it’s wall showed the joint had been around since 1960.  The number of people who where frequenting it indicated it’s popularity.  Quite a few looked like they had eaten a tonne of the jellie donuts since then too.   Just an observation!

We had entertaining enlightenment of watching the Vice-Presidential debate on television!  As someone who is visiting, it’s not for us to give an opinion on another country’s political process system but OMG, what a debacle the U.S. back yard is in with electing a new President.

When it comes to foreign policy toward other countries affairs,  perhaps a suggestion could be that they should stay home to sort themselves out before trying to tinker beyond their shores.

It had the head shaking for a second time today.

Another quote etched onto the Irish Pub’s door window glass read:

“Congress – the  loudest most dangerous obnoxious viscously aggressive least intelligent of all primates.”

To be sure, to be sure, to be sure … I have checked and that is exactly what it read.


What an exciting time ahead for the American voter!

Keep breathing people, it’s not worth holding ones breath.