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3/9/16 Pleasant Bay Cabot Trail to Sydney: Pucker Up Ya Cod’s, The Rurus Are Coming.

Not one person snored in the dorm room last night. And everyone were in their rightful bunk beds this morning too!


More shared experiences were had over breakfast as we made good on being fantastic Kiwi Ambassadors. Likewise, some of our best conversations have always been in a hostel kitchen/dining room with fellow like minded travellers. They keep us young to want to keep venturing to more destinations yet to be experienced in the flesh.

It was the chat with the owner/operator of the hostel, Shane, that was just as invigorating and motivating. He efferversced passion, zeal and enthusiasm for his vocation which begged the question, why aren’t we doing something like him and his partner were doing as a couple, running a hostel?

DSC05764-1280x853A buzz of chatter ensued as we continued our clockwise circumference of the the trail to experience more steep cliffs and deep river canyons carved into forested plateaus. Still no Moose sightings. We are beginning to wonder if they really do exist!






The last couple of days have given the bodies a decent rest. The meeting and greeting of hostel folk have un-blurred the future beyond the conclusion of this adventure.


On with the costumes; onto the rig; onto the ferry; and onward to St John’s.

Pucker up ya cod’s, the Rurus are coming!



  1. Met the rurus’s on the ferry Northbound to Argentia. Wishing you both the best on the last leg n congratulations on this mighty adventure. A far away goal for us car dwellers.

    • Brent

      September 7, 2016 at 7:23 pm

      Hi Asela,
      Thank you for your message and thank you for your kind wishes. We arrived into St Johns yesterday so now finished the ride. Some time off to relax, update the blog and map out where to from here.
      Safe travels, Newfoundland looks fantastic.
      Kind regards
      The Rurus :0)

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