DSC03960-1280x853The hearts of both John and Chantal go beyond words of explaination apart from a couple: they are BIG.

As we settled into more spin, laughter, banter and exchaning global citizenship experiences (they are both seasoned travellers), John went about firing up a homemade hot tub using a wood burner water heating set up. The ambiance of smoke and the possibility of catching the dry patchment alight would add flavour to what was an already unbelieveable act of kindness encounter.




I have always maintained that a journey isn’t about the rushing from point A to point B. It is about the bit in the middle, the journey to take the time to travel the in-between through looking up; to see; to smell; to feel; the taste; and to hear. It’s about the conversations had, the art of listening to words spoken more so.


Morrisburg, population 2600. Everytime a girl gets pregnant, one guy leaves town!

There are two pages in the phone book with people with the same surname. When one couple got married, her surname was the same before she married him!

Or, there is one homosexual in town. If you go to a party and fall asleep, you end up being his date!

It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone. Not like the West Coasters back home in New Zealand though. Didn’t see one person here with six fingers!

It wasn’t hard to see how John and Chantal’s generosity wasn’t only limited to strangers on bikes just passing through.

DSC04179-1280x853For over a year, John built and maintained an outdoor ice rink for the town citizens and visitors off his own passion. Having collected both boys and girls skates from yard sales and the like, he provided them free of charge to anyone who needed a pair to go slide across the frozen water. What it took to keep it cold and hard was irrelavant. He saw smiles of fellow beings both young and old just having fun, and lots more.

What an amazing couple who make up the numbers in Morrisburg … who sharpen saws, garden tools and a hell of a lot more.


A cultivated spirit for the good of others.