DSC03827-1280x853Fort Wellington over looks the St. Lawrence River and is a National Historic Site. It was first built during the 1812 war to defend the shipping route from attack by the United States. The cannon balls have long sinced been silenced yet the postcard depiction of a fortification was crisp.

Just a few thousand rotations up the road and two huge structures appeared on the horizon.

The Prescott Grain Elevator which holds 154,000 tonnes of storage. It was a monstrosity of concrete grey!


DSC03831-1280x853Overshadowing that was the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge (also know as the St. Lawrence Bridge or Seaway Skyway), a suspension bridge built in 1960 with a 350.75 metre main span and 1.5 miles total roadage across the river.

They both became another gaze in awe stoppage. Wow, can this journey along the St. Lawrence get any better?


DSC03846-1280x853Our cyclist friend Ken was fast to the next township Morrisburg and was holding a cup of ‘Tim Hortons’ already. It signalled time for a cuppa parking up the rig in the village shopping plaza, Claire finding us a hot brew and me snapping some more murals on building walls with Ken keeping sentry of the bikes.



DSC03850-1280x853When we returned, Ken had befriended a local chap and was in full flight of conversation. Instant rapport was established very easily, he was wearing a New Zealand tee-shirt. His name was John and for the next half hour, words, laughter and banter were exchanged.

What happened next was a random act of kindness we were not expecting.

John invited all three of us back to his home to stay the night. Furthermore, he asked, “how would we like take a drive to Ottawa to check out Canada’s Capital as he had an appointment there?”

At first there was hesitation more toward not wanting to put John out. His comforting assurance was gracious and we made the impromptu decision to gratefully accept the invitation.

John gave us directions for us to make our way to his home.

He made his way home to inform his partner Chantal that two Kiwi’s and a Yank were coming to Ottawa for a drive that he’d just met on the street.

And stay the night!DSC03851-1024x1536

Signage on John & Chantal’s home reads: We Sharpen Skates, Garden Tools And Lots More.

Lots more was certainly to be had before lights out on this day … as we hooned towards Ottawa.