Never be too old to be inspired.

In saying that, we were on the road before 7.30am this morning. How is that for an improvement from yesterday inspired by Sheri Davis the day before?



In saying that, we think there is a bird that is following us. It whistles the same tune when we take the first rotations and again just before the last ones except we have gone from A to B! Wonder if it flies in a straight line?

DSC02188-1280x853In saying that, coming passed a truck stop to see all the beauties lined up in straight line having had their beauty sleep was impressive. So began the game of counting rigs passing and oncoming … thank goodness the oncoming ones were nearly three times as more. Having lost the road verge a couple of days back, we had to swerve onto the shoulder a dozen times so as not to become road kill today. Solution, purchase a mirror so as to see them coming up the rear before they are nearly upon us. It’ll certainly make the manuvre onto the shoulder far more classier.

DSC02196-1280x853In saying that, we didn’t need to a mirror to see the on-coming cyclists Emeline Girault and Nicholas from France. Bonjour/Kia Ora salutations were exchanged and then experiences shared. This is there first road cycle touring adventure and they chose Canada. Again, never be too old to be inspired. The meeting them on the side of the road has prompted us to now look at a web site called ‘Warm Showers’ where by people welcome cyclists into there home to have a bed for the night; similar to couch surfing. We were equally excited about checking out their website Un Deux Trois Canada 1 Trip, 2 Bikes, 3 Months.

In saying that, our tandem set up had them considering it as a possible option to make time checking out for the next time.DSC02197-1280x853

In saying that, our day was shortened by 60 minutes. Yep, we crossed another time zone losing an hour.

In saying that, so much for the bloody early start!


But never be too old to be inspired.

Just saying!