“You get the bike out.”

“No, you get the bike out.”

“I ain’t getting the bike out.”

“Why, you scared of an iddy biddy snake?”

“If that was the baby yesterday, how big do you think the momma will be?”

Elaine got the bike out and I was the assistant!

DSC05647-1280x853But before we retraced the 12 kms back out onto the highway to head due East, Elaine cooked us up a hearty breakfast. It was certainly appreciated as today was over a hundred kilometres in distance. More ups and downs and tree tops to tree stumps; deer feeding on an island in a river bed; road side lakes of water to shore side bodies of water of the sea.



The sea. We had recently been to the Bay of Fundy which is tidal. However today for the first time in just on three months, we saw the open water of the sea.


And as we crossed the causeway surrounded by sea water that led us onto Cape Bretton, it signalled the start of the end.


C’mon legs and bike tubes and head winds and no verges and close encounters with traffic … not far now!