Today was another one to be inspired by, this time by a 10 year old girl named Kate.


We departed Cobourg continuing to follow the Water Front Trail. Greater shade was experienced as was the road being more directionally straight. Fields of brown are being worked to make hay while the sun shines and fields of corn stand tall.

DSC03532-1280x853A morning tea break at a Chinese Restuarant in Colborne was interesting. The owner when we ordered our beverage was in casual dress; when it was served, he had dressed up into a waiters dress and spoke with a plum in his voice. The area we are riding through has staunch loyalist elements present which for the waiter explained his transition. Not bad from someone who immigrated from Germany when I asked where he was from. Hmmmmm, weird.

DSC03536-1280x853A shop called ‘Lotsastuff’ kind of summed up what we saw from the bike seat today. A child’s swing; a cannon; a bright orange ute; the rustic farm machinery from yesteryear in peoples yards or paddocks, had us pull up and click a picture.







We stopped at another funky town called Brighton. Still biking with Ken, we started to discuss how far to ride and where to sleep it being a public holiday weekend.

DSC03566-1280x853A phone call to a camp ground sounding concerned with being a desparate cyclist looking for a place to pitch our tents for a night, North Shore R.V. Park welcomed us even though they were fully booked. Yay, success. Releif. And only a further 13 kms up the road meaning our days ride was quite short however, it also cemented our decision to cycle Prince Edward County.

DSC03560-1280x853We watched another swing road bridge do it’s timely twist to allow a couple of sail craft putter left to right before arriving at the park. After the admittance formalities, our spot was under some shade. No dumpster neither, just a view of the lake right out the front door.

DSC03603-1280x853It was another hour or so when two other cyclists in the same situation as us regarding finding a space to kip down on arrived for the night. A Dad named Scott and his 10 year old daughter named Kate. Today’s 35 kilometre ride had them start from a camp ground in Wellington (we would be cycling it tomorrow), each on their own bike. There was a brief exchange of salutations as they went about to set up camp, take a swim in the park pool and then cook dinner. How cool was that to observe and be inspired.

To our surprise, the owners put on a fireworks display that was just as spectacular as any commercial operation. A large number of campground inhabitants crowded the shore as streaks of flame shot up and exploded to light up the bay. We shared the spectacle with Scott and Kate. Cheers rang out that could be heard from far across the lake surround. The mosquitoes where out in numbers too feeding off any bit of flesh not covered up.

Once the last of the booms ended and we hit the ground, music from a concert across the bay at another camp ground helped us drift off to noddy land. But not before we reminisced on the days when we were doing lotsastuff with Cameron and daughter Claire, like Kate and her Dad.


Made us miss them even more so.