DSC05585-1280x853We awoke to it raining. Heavily. Normally we would have taken a lay over day. The bodies deserved it as we had ridden for seven straight days and the bodies are fatiguing quicker earlier each day. The undulations have been many. However, we had an arranged homestay and already postponed by a day to break up the distance because of tiredness.


So we donned on the heavy jackets; ensured the phones were in a dry bag; and braved the weather. To our surprise, it lightened up quicker than anticipated and it was just a matter of grinding the rubber to Antigonish. Another puncture on the trailer tyre meant a visit to a bike shop for extra tubes to give an easy fix should it happen again. Looking for a miniscule hole in the tube is like like looking for a needle in a haystack!



Our homestay were relations of the homestay back in Moncton and Allan was waiting for us at the end of his driveway (they reside out of town in the countryside) to flag us down so we didn’t go further down the hill. A lovely welcoming gesture as Elaine came out to meet and greet also. After dismounting and unloading we put the rig and bits into the garage. As we were exiting, we discovered a snake! Aaaaaargh, it still gave us the jitters even though it was a little one. Cute but no way were we cuddling it!



DSC05633-1280x853The meal plated up and placed before us was so delicious, all the veges were homegrown. Both Alan and Elaine have travelled extensively so there was much sharing of lands traversed made more lovely with them celebrating our clicking over 7,000 km ridden. What we loved about the evening was their acknowledgement that we had arrived to their doorstep under our own steam by bike and wouldn’t let us lift a finger to help with the hospitality. Even when the heavens opened up again and our shoes were drenched did they place them in-front of a de-humidifier so as we had dry footwear to put on in the morning.

What they didn’t know was Claire’s needing a wash from crooked nature call crookedness. Cute but no way I would have touched them!

Cheers Alan and Elaine for your kindness shown. It was awesome.