DSC03421-1280x853We saw a Racoon! It wasn’t sunny side up flat road kill but upright alive and sneaky devious looking. We are sure when it saw us, it wondered what the hell it was seeing because as soon as it realised that we weren’t flat but buldgey looking and moving toward it – it bolted up a fence and into a tree without a second glance. Which was a bugger as it would have made for a better pic. Nevermind, we saw a Racoon!


Following the lakeshore trail again today, it zig zagged it’s way toward east. There were moments where we reckon we would have cycled a heap of kilometres distance wise but only three kilometres in a direct line with the snake riding. It was roller coaster landscape too.



DSC03438-1280x853Coming upon one field blooming with purple coloured flowers, the scent had us pull up so as to get high on the wifts whatever it was. It was lovely. It reminded Claire of her Nana Helen when she used to dry flowers and then put the petals into pouches and then place them in her knicker bocker drawers.

DSC03447-1280x853We had been told that the little towns passed Oshawa were cute and they were right. Port Hope was hard to exit from after a stop for a lunch under the shade and an ice cream from the ‘Dreamer Cafe’. But we had only cycled just 60 kms under the sun and it’s another public holiday weekend. We hadn’t booked any accommodation and was lucky enough to find a camp ground with two remaining spots left – we were back to tenting it.




DSC03490-1280x853Cobourg itself was another funky town and our sea view beachfront plot of dirt was just magic. It bustled with campers all shapes and sizes and kids for Africa. Our location was right beside the dumpster which was right beside the entrance office which was the main thoroughfare of both traffic either vehicle or foot.


DSC03488-1280x853No sooner had we started disembarking when a neighbour two sites over rocked up, introduced himself (Steve, and Gloria we met later), welcomed us to the slice of paradise, asked us if there was anything we needed help with, disappeared and returned with two cans of cold beer. We forgot about the chocolate milk sitting in the pannier curdling as we ended up consuming a second can each before finally setting up camp permanently.

DSC03492-1280x853As Claire was in the ablutions, another fella holding a rubbish bag in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other approaching the dumpster made eye contact. There was rapport within the first two sentences and most of that was grinning and laughter. Having to wander passed his site to get cleaned up myself, I was handed half the remaining bottle of red vino to have with our dinner … more curdling of the chocolate milk!

And so began another new friendship with Rob, Kelly and their children Breanne and Anderson through conversations entertained about either sides lives. There is a possibility for a meet up further east at the Bay of Fundy where they have the highest tides in the world, in New Brunswick.DSC03495-1024x1536

Both welcomes and subsequent interactions put grins on the dials as we laid the bodies down to rest for the night, the dumpster is an okay place to pitch for the night ya’know.

Except for the person who at some ungodly hour climbed into the thing to scavenge for cans and bottles!

Luckily, Claire slept on the side closest to keep guard holding the can of flyspray.

They weren’t to know it wasn’t the Bear spray!