Our tyres now cross The Canadian Shield (also known as the Laurentian Plateau, or Bouclier Canadian). It’s a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks that forms the ancient geological core of the North American continent. Stretching north from the Great Lakes to the Artic Ocean; it also extends south in the northern reaches of the U.S.

DSC02097-1280x853Rolly polly would be the adjectives we would use to describe it in lay-persons terms! The forests, lakes, waterways and swamps were stunning. Why the deer crossed the road when trying to capture the undulation had our heads shaking. Right place at the right time except you can’t see the on-coming vehicles because they are in the dip part of the picture. It would have been a different photo only moments later!

DSC02102-1280x853Lyons Lake was a gorgeous mirror of water one could position a mobile home and live at. Further up the road, we saw such a home for sale. That had our heads nodding and asking the question, “how could we make that happen?”


DSC02110-1280x853In-between those two pics taken, we crossed over into the Ontario Province. When looking at a map now, the gap is increasing from the first pedaling and closing toward the last. The terrain reminds us of B.C. except the bumps are shorter. The sense of sound with the songs of birds are much more prominent; and the sense of smell is rewarded with the flowers in bloom along the route. Keeping the mouth closed so as not to swallow flies and mossies was not senseless but more common sense. They taste yuck!





DSC02122-1280x853Another storm warning prompted us to cover the distance early. We were a little ways out of downtown from where we found a bed but took a risk and did a bike run to pick up supplies for dinner and tomorrow’s longer haul. The skies darkened whilst during our shop and it was a mad dash back to home before the deluge and the bolts started to earth themselves. Made it just in the knick of time to watch mother nature do her thing. We do some crazy things at times!


Kenora is a township that resides on the edgewaters of Lake of the Woods. It also stretches into the U.S. If I ripple the water where we are, would it travel all the way to the neighbours next door? Doesn’t matter. We are told the Canadian Shield is connected to the neighbouring Appalachia Trail.


Perhaps we get to touch the after all!