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29/5/16: Goodbye BC, Hello Alberta, Golden to Banff – 144.1 kms

Taking a rest day yesterday for the big day before; this day will be fondly remembered long after the peddals have stopped rotating for it was one where we stretched our rubber bands even further!


We knew we had to gain altitude and were prepared mentally for that; the rain about 10 kms out of Golden wasn’t the nicest and temperature near freezing. Even though you try to make light of the circumstances, being sopped through isn’t the best situation given the 130 odd kms still to be ridden. It’s the closest we have been to turning around and hold out for better weather however, we kept going.







DSC00979-1024x683Reaching the township of Field lifted the heads for on the side of the road we observed a brown bear and her cubs feeding and playing. It was naturally beautiful with camera snapping.


DSC00989-1024x683The next elevation to the Spiral Tunnels was a place to stop for the warmth of the sun to heat up the bones and repair a flat tyre. The figure eight tunnels are dug deep into mountains to allow the trains to also gain altitude. It’s impressive as to how Engineers back in time designed and built stuff without the whizz bang technology they have today. Stuff that is made to last too.


Once on top of the plateau, the back bone of the Rockies was straddled for km after km. The cloud had lifted and the only bead droplets off the visor was the self generated. A head wind from Lake Louise to Banff didn’t deter us from staying ahead of the darkened skies chasing, disembarking nearly ten hours after we started.





The shivers of cold experienced earlier faded fast with the views of the landscape today, it was absolutely remarkable. It was also a weird feeling to be crossing over a territory where we said goodbye to BC and hello to Alberta.




DSC01021-1024x683The bike odometer reads 1070 meaning another milestone achieved, we have cycled our first 1000 kms.

The rubber band is still as strong as ever.


  1. Wow Brent! beautiful photos! looks like an amazing adventure. stay safe, eh!

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