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29/3/17 I Love Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

An early morning drop off to the airport for another Te Araroa Trail walker Rob, who completed the whole distance by foot.

We met Rob half way down the North Island and then played ‘cat and mouse’ on route till Wellington.

If you want to be fascinated by his keenness to capture life at it’s most starriest … check out some of his night shots of the solar system over New Zealand on his fb page photos.

‘I have chocolate’ was his signage used to hitch a ride from the deep south to Christchurch. We ate what was left over so as to make room for the three books we donated to him so as to de-clutter some more!

Keeping us in focus to work smarter, not harder was welcomed. Adventure before dementia … eating heaps of Caremello naturally!

Cheers Rob, loved the visit.


  1. Thank you for sharing

  2. Nice post…it’s the connections that we make along the way that are one of the most awesome parts of adventuring. And you’re right, most of us love chocolate – I love it and I’m a health and fitness coach! Although dark is my preference rather than caramello (not saying that I wouldn’t say yes to caramello though:)

    • Brent

      July 5, 2017 at 9:38 am

      Hi Elly,
      Thank you. We are currently re-living the Canada Tandem ride through putting up my illustrations on instagram that were drawn as we crossed the Maple Leaf. Remembering the connections made keeps the passion to keep the next adventure on the radar to create more. Chocolate and all! Eating much chocolate at your end of the keyboard?

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