We never envisioned traveling to Baddeck where Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone) who changed the world, resided.

DSC05714-1600x1067Baddeck is located on the Cabot Trail which is situated in the top left hand corner of Cape Breton. The trail is a world re-known drive and today’s tiki tour by car had us exposed to a choppy ocean seascape, mountainous hikers paradise, and Canada’s largest inland sea – the Bras d’Or Lake.




We did however, envisage cycling it and from the bit of the map we drove, thank god we didn’t! The Kelly Mountain incline where altitude rose 240 metres over a 7 kilometre distance would have brought out the best of the worst in us.




Our accommodation was for the first time this adventure in a dorm hostel. Six bunks, twelve bunk beds in a confined open space. It was magic.




DSC05746-1600x1067We met a number of travelers who were on the Cabot Trail hiking and to listen to stories of Bear and Eagle encounters made us a little jealous that we were missing such by doing it by car. It was like we were camping sitting under the amp of a lightbulb telling bunk room bed time stories except no marshmellows being roasted …. just the drift off to noddy land under the influence of conversation.

Speaking of chat, we frequented a restaurant and sat beside a couple who spoke the local Gaelic/French/Aboriginal lingo. I realised this after I asked if they were Irish. They were residents of Cape Breton. Whoops! Apologies to the Irish … a couple in the bunk room were from Ireland later that evening so there is a distinct difference. I’d had a beer at the restaurant and was stone sober in the bunk room to have better hearing.

I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell ever had the vision for his invention of the telephone?

Where the conversation over a wire would become one of a video conversation over the cloud. Where each conversationalist can be on either side of the planet. Where the technology has made the world a smaller place.

We never envisioned traveling to Baddeck where Alexander’s invention changed the world.

Our world.


Where the world we are experiencing, is absolutely ringing. With all the bells and dings.