Our other cyclist friend Marcus (we met in B.C.) is ahead of us on Newfoundland. He is on the last bit close to ending his cycle across Canada. He inspires us with his daily in-depth description of locations, history, road conditions and experiences collected from the bike seat. The latest being how the ‘Newfies’ speak the good Queen’s English with an Irish twang meaning he has no head nor tail as what the hell they are talking about!

Our daily contact over FB Messenger gives him confidence that he can always rely us for a listening ear, even though we tap our chats out on a keyboard.

DSC05564-1600x1067The day before yesterday, we had a chat about the wear and tear on the tyres. Marcus had experienced a back tyre deflation and sought thoughts about how to deal with the problem given he was a day passed a bike shop and three days till the next. Patch, swap tyre from front to back and ride till she pops. That’s from our experience literally. We have been very fortunate with not having had a flattie since way before Thunder Bay until this morning, waking up to a sad looking back tyre.

I think Marcus jinxed us!


I wrote the other day that ‘cursing a flat tyre won’t fix it’ and so I mended the puncture and swapped the tyres around. That’s walking the talk or leading by example even though Marcus is out in front, leading us. It was kind of a technical change too as the tyres we have a big road kahuna’s … getting the pressure up using our little pump wasn’t going to frustrate me.

What did was taking a wrong exit thinking we were going up and onto the highway. I was one exit too short giving the person on the back some joy in her play with words. Another Marcus jinx I feel.


With 20 km to go, the tyre on the trailer being towed deflated. F..k! It was on a busy part of the highway and the spare tube had more holes in it than the original one needing replaced.


It was about keeping one’s cool, unpacking a cooking pot, filling it up with water and running the inflated tube through the water to find the air bubbles which indicates where the hole is needing a patch. Eliminating the reason for the flat is equally as important, a small staple was all that did it.




Patched up and re-inflated, we were off and arrived into New Glasgow without further issue. Except, the rotated repaired tyre on the front is now showing signs of bounce again meaning it may be another slow flat.

I think I forgot to remove the reason for it’s deflation earlier this morning.

More Newfie Queen’s English with an Irish twang have been spoken!

Translated for Marcus, good old fashioned swear words.