DSC03356-1280x853Please don’t go was Albie’s facial expression as we mounted the rig to get back on the road. He’s just a dog but all the same, making eye contact watered up the eyeballs!

DSC03365-1280x853We exited Oakville by way of a road that had some of the most expensive real estate money could afford. We were wonderstruck. The mirror pond lake water was just picture perfect too. We had to wobble the rig on purpose to remind us that we were not dreaming what the eyes were seeing. By then, they had dried out after Albie and what we saw was real. And surreal.




DSC03376-1280x853So it was head down, bum up and legs pedaling around the lakeside trail. Our goal today was to get to downtown Toronto; bike through downtown Toronto; and leave out the other side of downtown Toronto. No rush yet cycling in built up suburbia seemed to have us cover the distance quite easily.




Thank you half baked chocolate chip cookie with a dollop of ice cream last night, it must be the reason!

The city itself had a heart that was beating life no matter which way the head was pointed. It is worthy of a visit longer than we gave it justice. The CNTower at 553 metres in stature was quite remarkable but the round building reflection on the windows of a square building took the pic of the day.




DSC03397-1280x853Stopping for bite to eat at Eggsmart to meet Sonya from Iran was so entertaining, the belly laughing made our sunny-side up eggs scramble. Another look of disbelief from Sonya and a panic concern for our safety for which on assuring her that the traffic was fine; we established that her concern was that we would get murdered from freedom camping. She admitted that she has an addiction and watched so many murder movies, she was genuinely concerned for us. By now, we were laughing at her versus with her!


More of the lake trail took us by the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant. All the kids coming out of the water on a nearby beach we think were sunburnt however, the bird that flew in front of us was red feathered and that wasn’t sun burn.


DSC03411-1280x853Then there was the riding over a bridge on the path to pass two on-coming women walkers. Throwing a smile resulted in salutation that ended in more belly laughing and grimaces. One of them Suzie had lived and attended Sacred Heart Girls College in Christchurch way back between 1974-1976. We learnt that she has walked both the Camino de Santiago walk in Spain and ran with the bulls in Pamplona (as we have). Both Suzie and Jane now participate in fundraising activities involving physical exercise, both inspiring people we happen to just bump into on a bridge on a random part of the lake side trail. “Buen Camino” was exchanged.

What could possible happen before finishing todays riding.

It happened on a busy congested road two kilometres from the end. A car slowed down and making eye contact, the driver said, “Hello again, I met you in Owen Sound.” A quick flurry of words whilst holding up the traffic behind before he turned off. Of all the places to just bump into someone we met five days ago in a city that has over 5 million people.

There went those eye balls welling up again!