DSC03773-1280x853He came to Brockville to do re-habilitation for the decades that were blank. Once well, he had a blank canvas to re-start his life. For the better. Except it was more to give back to a community that helped him find himself.

He went about locating old bikes to repair them and when rideable, donate them back to folk. At age 68, he continues to love what he does by doing what he loves.

Nowadays, he takes on young teens to coach them on bike construction to bike repairs similar to how traditions were handed down over the years by showing and doing. Creating rideable art.

After we tiki toured (that means explore in Kiwi speak) around downtown Brockville, we returned to our abode and then set to it to repair the brakes ourselves. He reminded us that we need to believe and back ourselves and give it a go.

Better to have failed trying versus failed by not trying.

In my book I authored, I wrote about ‘Be Inspired – Be Inspiring’ referring to associating with people who inspire and, inspire others. It should be a daily ritual.

Crossing of paths with him today, we were fortunate to associate with someone who totally inspired us.

Eric Montgomery, Bike Specialist from Brockville Bicycle Rehabilitation Centre.

If you read a future blog post after this one … the brake repair was successful to survive to write another.

Oh yeah, what of the tiki tour of Brockville.






It was damn ‘ka pai’.