Mike and Karen headed off toward Taupo for a day of activity; we remained behind to relax somewhat.

A friend from the past having seen the picture of the Kiwi statue overshadowed by Mt Tongariro made contact for a coffee catch up as they were going to be transiting through Turangi.  Wendy and her partner Phil were following their noses tiki touring the centre of the North Island.  Our kids had attended the same primary school and we were on the PTA together (fundraising committee) back in the day so it was great to connect and bridge stories of where the kids were at today.  They are grandparents.  We have yet to experience becoming those yet.  It’s fantastic when you can pick up a conversation after all this time as if it were yesterday, but wasn’t.

Today was Mikes birthday.  It provided us with an opportunity to not only partake in another candle being added to the birthday cake; but one where we could put on the apron and cook a meal as a treat to help them both celebrate a milestone.

Green Lipped Mussels cooked in an onion, garlic, red chilli and wine broth and salad with a slice of Salmon side dish; washed down with a Peter Yealands Sav Blanc.

“Happy Birthday to You!”

The distance between noodles, oats and trail mix scroggin is widening … eeeeeeeeeek!