dsc07107-1280x853The Portland Head Light is an automated historic lighthouse on the Cape at the entrance into Portland harbour.  Completed in 1791, it’s stature is one of the most photographed across any US foreshore.

It certainly is a tourist attraction by the bus load hordes of folk congested around it’s base and surround.   There was a cruise ship in harbour, even parts of down town were shoulder to shoulder walking room only.

Most of them were near death; some could hardly walk; nearly all spoke with ‘Downtown Abbey’ poshness; and later stage of life obesity meant wide berthing frequently.   Huh, the golden years.  The only golden thing about them would be their pee!!




Converted warehouses into funky eating establishments and boutique shops allowed for browsing.  Our favourite shop, ‘The Good Life’ which came about from two brothers selling t-shirts from the back of their car.


It resonated with us just how good we have got it still being middle aged and having the ability to do cruises ourselves except, by pedal power.dsc07079-1280x853




Watch out for your footing on the cobblestone streets.  A reminder of yesteryear surviving the devasting fire on Independence Day, 1886 that wiped out most of the downtown commercial buildings.


The fence with hundreds of locks bolted to it was tempting to try to open a combination one and the piece of the Berlin Wall had us stop in awe at a piece of history from another part of the planet.



Being a city, beggars are frequent on street corners holding signs for that loose nickel or dime you have weighing you down.  With last nights debate between the two Presidential candidates, we wondered if the millions spent on campaigning could be better put to a great cause use.

A stark reminder how grateful we have got it.