DSC03314-1280x853Taking another day of rest to complete chores and prepare for our departure, there was time to soak up some rays on a lilo in the back yard pool; return to The Crepe Kitchen for a crepe as we promised the Peruvians; and even a nap as the bodies have relaxed so much from our day job of cycling. Soreness is still carried at the top of the calves and we put this down to all the walking we have done over the past three days.

However, we endured and didn’t let that stop us from venturing down to the local for a farewell dinner and pint.


Two new experiences resulted, meeting Kari’s Mum (Lynn) and Dad (Doug); and eating a half baked chocolate chip cookie with a dollop of ice cream for desert. It came out in a hot skillet (not the parents but the desert) and unfortunately, they are too big to carry on the rig (again the desert) so the only option was to eat the whole thing in one sitting. We ended up with having that bloated feeling after having eaten too much and no one was prepared to roll us back up the road. We had to walk on our strained pained lower legs, ouch!

A slight detour to visit the Oakville Cenotaph beforehand and then it was quiet time to reflect on the couple of days visit to the Cuss-Doyle house hold over a cup of tea.



Like other visits to friends before, we have been made to feel so welcomed with hospitality way beyond our expectation. There is optomism that we will be able to return the appreciation spirit as friends down under.

Finding a little something as a ‘koha’ to Kari, Declan, Marlowe, Jude, Sam and Albie, the word’s say it all:

Truely great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.


And Sam, “see you later alligator, in a short while crocodile” … hopefully.