Our homestay went too fast. It’s always been the case. But the costumes must go on and we take with us the memory of another cool couple. It’s always been the case.


The cloud cover kept the sun from higher temperatures, the humidity was enough. Reaching Sackville meant a stop for a cuppa and team meeting. We discussed the remaining route to the edge of Canada and what happens once we kiss the cod and drink the screech!


It was more real after we crossed open landscape that had the wind hurtling through from right to left and then crossing over into our next Province, Nova Scotia.


A photo at the boundary was fast and furious because the mosquito’s were all of a sudden vicious and sucking blood relentlessly. We haven’t needed to slip slap slop insect repellent throughout New Brunswick however, the itchy love bite welts were challenging us not to itch.

Venomous little bastards! Must look up the symtoms of Zika.

We are under three weeks from touching the ‘Mile 0’ monument on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The costumes are getting excited.

Bags not kiss the cod!