Jackets were worn as we departed today, only being encapsulated a couple of times by rain. The wind up the jacksy was capitalised on keeping pace greater than 30 km/hr most of the way.


Damage to trees; the odd bit of building tin missing and water lying in the fields were the gifts left from the storm the other night.

DSC01998-1280x853The side road used for a failed nature stop by Claire had her shoes sink in the mud. The goo under the shoes was gluggy and smelled like she had jacksied herself. Stinky shoe Ru Poo!

Thank goodness it wasn’t blowing into the wind from behind.

Come to think of it, it was!

Pedal faster so as to keep the nose out a head of the scent.

Any wonder we made great time to Winnipeg.

Wish I had one of those back up the road a bit.