Even though a short ride today, it was about toughening up the mind for what was expected the next day.


DSC00855-800x533Taking a rest stop allowed us to meet some Park Rangers who assured us that we had further altitude to go so just keep taking the micro-stops, stay hydrated; and seeing a bear would be a better experience more than we could imagine Ironically, we took positives from these guys as our state of mind till then regarding seeing a bear was still a haze of panic whilst staying calm.



DSC00869-800x533Every morning before one saddles the bike, a drill is conducted in reaching for the bear spray so it becomes a habit when needed. Likewise, the wind direction is known so as to be going with the wind so as not to pepper spray ourselves. We hadn’t quite worked out what happens if the wind is in our faces and we see a bear and therefore needing to spray.

We have enough to think about already just taking micro-stops going up and keeping hydrated!!!!

DSC00876-800x533We took a soak in the hot pools as reward and were further prized with seeing Hummingbirds for the first time. They held our attention for ages as we wrinkled aches and pains away.


We were ready for what tomorrow would bring.