Mr Wong (that’s me) got up through out the night to flip apparel over in the Chinese laundry to ensure stuff was drying. It’s my job holding the responsibility of repairs and maintenance I have in the tandem relationship. The key was to do so un-consciously so as not to become too conscious that you inhale the smell of wet shoes drying. If you become fully awaken and get a sniff of that stench, you’re stuffed for getting back to sleep.

Yay, the map dried enough for us to have some comprehension of direction. The mobile was dead.

When we became fully conscious, yup, stinky shoes too!

Placing them outdoors exposed a contrasting sky from the day before, it was stunning. Once on highway 2, we kept rythym and pace going easily not needing to refer to the map at all. Instinct kicked in. That and the sign that told us which way was East.


First stop as we arrived into Moncton was a Tellus phone shop for some advice on our phone. Hah, they advised that we should put it in some rice for a couple of days to absorb any moisture. No way did we tell them we had tried that except the rice was pre-cooked! A $17 sleeve for the sim-card so that we could insert it into a NZ phone we were carrying resovled the situation. Yay, we have google maps again.

Mr Wong philosophy (that’s me again): cursing a flat tyre does not fix it.

It’s the best approach to any situation.

There wasn’t enough leftover rice after getting the Canadian phone sorted to fill up one of my shoes. They are still wet under foot.

No worries, I placed it on the wong side of the bed tonight.

That being Claire’s side!