DSC05390-1600x1067The Bay of Fundy is home to the largest tides on the planet and our return to the platform this morning on the low tide revealed a view that was breath taking. We stepped down the steps to leave our footprint under the “Lovers Arch”. It was truely remarkable and had us stand in silence pondering what is.




We rated the emotion up there with ones collected at the Temples of Bagan in Myanmar; from Gokyo Ri in the Himilayas; and on Africa’s roof top Mount Kilimanjaru. Do include this on your list of must visit’s when you bike across Canada or however you travel.


DSC05491-1280x853We returned to the tandem to cycle back to Moncton with a spring on the bike seat to find our homestay. They found us nigh of Moncton itself and the offer to have a ride with Cheryl and their fellow biker Pearl was accepted. We switched costumes and blatted off under a visor toward Shediac, home of the World’s Giant Lobster. It was natural that we tried a Lobster Roll down on a wharf, very much like our own New Zealand Crayfish without the pinchers.




Shediac is also the birthplace of the crossword game later to become known as Scrabble, bit of useless information for a triple word score!

We have no explaination how we are ending up in the situations we do. The hospitality shown was again exceptional as we shared an evening with Byron, Cheryl and Pearl and watched the tides empty out of each bottle of wine consumed.


Adenture is something you seek for pleasure but experience is what really happens to you in the long run.

We continue to ponder what is, eventually horizontal.