All the light that glowed in the room was the red light being omitted from the television indicating it was switched off and from time to time, the mobile screen after an update or message was received.

The sound of thunder aroused the deep sleep. The forecasted storm had fermented.

The next flash lit up the room eliminating the other glows within.

The sonic boom that followed shook everything in it’s path, including us directly below. We were now wide awake.

Curiosity to such a storm would normally have us get up and peek out of the curtains and watch. We hid beneath the covers as with each bolt and boom, the show came to us! It was a lot worse than the one previously encountered back in Herbert.

The isobars were smashing together all over the Province and beyond.

When natural light extinguished the atoms causing the friction, the debris outside certainly reflected the nights fireworks.


The weather forecast threatened a repeat. Even then, the winds were strong and therefore, the decision made for a lay over in Portage la Prairie.

Catch up on shut eye.

Or four.