The call came from behind, “Anytime soon for a roadside relief stop would be good.”

Men can pee more easily than women when it comes to a nature call in the openness on the prairie! It’s just another process without making a fuss.

Except our chosen side road had a van and car trailer parked up.

When we arrived at the location, a young couple were waiting for us. Total strangers, just waiting.

What happened next nearly had tears well up.

DSC01976-1280x853Their names were Leland and Emma. They were re-locating from Calgary to Toronto. The couple had recently cycled from Calgary to San Francisco. However, Leland had cycled across Canada like we were doing.

This couple were carrying Gatorade, apples, banana’s, muesli bars and tubes. They were sitting on the edge of the car trailer being offered to us.

This was their ‘pay it forward’ to other cyclists. Why? Because from their experience, they have an understanding as to what it is like to be a cyclist on the road doing what we were doing. And the art of giving to total strangers out there doing it.

We were totally blown away by this random act of kindness as Leland and Emma

A relief stop isn’t supposed to have any fuss.

Some call of nature today.

Some call of nature.