From suburbia to farmland countryside back into the mountains doorstep, today was a nice ride that was fast, had some undulation and finished with skirting Mara Lake that was just beautiful.

We are still in rattle snake country. I didn’t see a branch with dried leaves on the verge up against the barrier and as we rode passed, the breeze caught it and scrapped it along the road sounding like a rattle snakes rattle. I shit myself and careered nearly into a passing car … he too would have shit himself seeing a wobbling tandem rig nearly arse up before his eyes. It moments like that that ups the heat beat, the laughter heard from the cheap seats behind didn’t help.

DSC00764-600x900We found a sausage roll at a stop that washed down a port jerky taste test. The toffee apples were on steroids, as were the chocolate strawberries, and a lolly pop tree brought back memories of when we used to get one at Christmas time as a special treat. They never grew on trees back then like they do today!



DSC00790-800x533It was hard to get to the lake waters edge because private properties front the prime spots and so we stopped on the side of the road where we could be off the traffic draft. Simacous is Canada’s house boat capital and there they were all lined up waiting for the summer patronage. Be like living in a caravan except you wouldn’t have to empty the pooh and wee’s cassette!


DSC00807-800x533Before we sat down with a fellow traveller to share some chat over a glass of plonk she had purchased and needed help to consume, we again took the opportunity to discard a further 8 kgs by post to Calgary.

The Rocky Mountains are a day or two away and with bugger all accommodation available, the distance to be ridden will be up there. And that isn’t talking about the height we will need to climb neither.

Listen for the haka … it’s going to echo loud and proud. More to let the terrain know that the Rurus are pushing through.