DSC03044-1280x853The on-coming traffic was hideously bumper to bumper because of it being another scorcher in both high temperatures and humidity. Folk were escaping to the beaches on the peninsula as we pressed forward toward the Toronto exodus. Were we the hideous ones?

DSC03057-1280x853A tonne of red bricks and mortar moulded into all types of two storey farm houses amplified the countryside haze and the townships ridden through provided some shade to allow the salt to dry and solidify on the skin. We passed a number of small cemeteries where headstones were all bunched up – where did they lay the deceased bodies to rest?








Reaching Shelburne by mid-afternoon, we hadn’t booked ahead for accommodation and there was still 24 kms to go under the heat till our planned nights stop in Orangeville. The route into Oakville (Toronto) tomorrow wasn’t decided as far as which highway to cycle so we decided to get some peace of mind and make a couple of calls to secure a night spot to rest at before we again hump it forward to end the days ride.

Motel one 4 kms up the road – no vacancy. Motel two, three or four contacted in Orangeville the same, no vacancy. Oh dear, we thought it would have been an easy find and therefore another one was tried. We were asked, “Would you like to rent the room for one hour or three hours?” When we mentioned the whole night, we were politely informed that it wouldn’t be available till 6pm! Later we saw reviews that it was a crack house and brothel!

Reminded us of our nights stay at Mamara Englesi in Turkey whereby it was a brothel, but that is another story.

The key was to not to panic and stopping at a supermarket for some supplies in case we found something out of town; a friendly employee pointed us to a camp ground (Primrose Park) 4 kms out of Shelburne toward Orangeville.

DSC03086-1280x853The owners Will and Rose Travis made us so welcome having previously ventured down under to New Zealand. It ended up being the best camping experience to date leading up to the head torch light being extinguished for sleep.

Made easy because it was our third time having pitched the tent!