Reflective puddles greeted us as we left the underground parking where the rig was resting. The rain wasn’t as heavy and our hosts offered us the option of staying another night and depart tomorrow under the delightful weather prediction however, we decided to make a ride for it as it seemed to lighten up since the feet hit the apartment floor.

It wasn’t without a cycle by farewell to Catherine at her place of employment where she did an impromptu movie capture of our journey without make up and rehearsal. Un-rehearsed also was which direction to head … keep going East toward Moncton or head South toward St John. Either direction was going take us to Nova Scotia and the many chats with people praised the pros and cons of both. Arrrrr, decisions, decisions!

A toss of the coin eventuated in us hanging a right after crossing the bridge to head East.


DSC05314-1280x853Trees sheltered us from a breeze blowing and the odd drizzle. Market garden shops are in full swing with produce abundance. Some tree branches had encased cob webs that looked like candy-floss. There was no toss of the coin as to who was going to touch one to see what lives within. Coming passed a house overgrown and decaying with a crow squawking gave it an eerie haunted look.




With thirty kilometres to go till our destination for the day, it started to really rain. It was so much so that our heavy coats were sopped to drench our apparel beneath and it stayed like that for the remainder of the pedaling. Who honks at cyclists like they do thinking we are our living life having fun under the conditions of waterfall down pour? What is the matter with those people?

Houston, we have a problem was an under statement when we took out the cell phone and it too poured water from it’s cracks. It was vibrating profusely thinking someone was calling us to see if we were okay. No one was calling. It was having a hissy fit and then it died. Oh shit, with it went our google maps! We’d been told to put a wet phone in a bowel or bag of rice for a couple of days to soak up the water. We purchased what the gas station had only to find once we had followed the place the phone in the rice instructions, the rice was pre-cooked so that too was a disaster!

DSC05318-1280x853Thank goodness the room had a heater and fan. Our abode ended up looking like a Chinese laundry from everything needing to be dried hanging from anything we could hang things from.

Back to the good old fashioned paper map tomorrow to help with our navigation into Moncton. Trying to un-fold it, it too being soaked took careful precision so as not to tear.

Huh, if only the rice was’t pre-cooked. The bloody thing would have been keeping the phone company, that’s for sure!