DSC02982-1280x853By the end of today’s kilometerage, we had consumed two Poweraid’s during the riding and one immediately after the ride. It had nothing to do with the feast of fish and chips yesterday neither!


The mercury in the thermometer rose to above 30 degrees celcius with high humidity. If this continues, we both will look like biafrans in no time at all through the last of the fat cells dispersed through bodily fluid loss.

We have considered starting under the cover of darkness in the early hours of the morning before the cockadoodledoo. However, the increase in traffic volume today in both directions due to us nearing city suburbia, made the road riding safety awareness also rise in the ‘stay upright’ barometer. That and balancing as the road verge has narrowed to a sparrows fart width.

Ironically, the conversation how one would spend the life insurance payout was also resurrected today. From memory, way back on day two neither of us would spend it on cycling across Canada, that was for sure. It’s funny how things change. All the Harley Davidsons that give us goose bumps as they rumble past these days has had us kind of fall in love with them. Perhaps spending a small amount of the life insurance on one to then rip across the land of the maple leaf has gained some traction! Perhaps something we should do together when we complete this journey. Perhaps.

Then there was the conversation about turning around when we finish and cycle all the way back! At least one of us was focusing on safety while the other was delarious through de-hydration!



DSC02993-1280x853Do you remember us meeting Dave who was cycling in the opposite direction and was the extreme minimalist? Dave is also an artist and today we had the pleasure of seeing a piece of his sculptor work ‘Willie Emerging’ over looking Colpoy’s Bay. It was very inspiring and the location in Wairton was just superb. We took shelter under the shade to rest, consume and gaze at the Willie emerging. Cheers Dave.





DSC03020-1280x853A power nap just happened after we settled into our abode to absorb the air con temperature. The roar of the Harley rumbles pulling up roused the consciouness and again, the goose bumps. A bunch of riders had arrived to share our parking space except our chariot was parked up inside our room. It likes the air con as well strangely enough!

English accents were swapped and questions exchanged about the differing life on the road as bikers.

Hmmmmmmm, just perhaps!