We didn’t have to be in Tauramanui until the 3rd so we contemplated staying an extra night and after making contact with Charlie and Michelle, we were offered a bed and a pillow.

The day was spent with more banter and conversation.  We got to meet their daughter Michaela and share artistry talent stories.  Charlie took us on a drive through the place he has worked at for some 27 odd years, the geothermal power plant.

It was interesting to see from the Top 10 where the plumes of steam we saw rising up from the landscape originated from and how it is captured and nurtured into power generated electricity.  The hills are alive with tubes of piping twisted in all directions and angles arriving at different housing stations to purify what comes from beneath the crust.  It was fascinating.

Throw a chicken or two into the scolding hot water and steam and it’s a natural hungi.  Have you ever heard of dry steam before?  It’s a real phenomenon to Google how it goes from wet to dry.

The weather gods weren’t happy as the drizzle turned more severe.  Tomorrow is forecasted for more of the same.  Hope the rapids don’t become a grade higher than a three down the Wanganui River!  Not good, not good, not good.

It was fun to re-connect with Charlie again.  A friendship re-kindled after all the years that have gone by.  And to meet Michelle his wife and thus a new friendship made.  Cemented stronger when we showed Charlie how one inflates a thermal rest mattress by twisting the knob to allow air to be inhaled so as to inflate the thing.

Should be easy to finish up with all the hot air being bellowed by all parties.  Ahem!