Having arranged a replacement tent to be couriered up from Christchurch, it was the most welcomed reason to rest and recover the soles of the feet.

Ninety Mile Beach is actually 88 kilometres (55 miles) long along the Aupouri Peninsula.  The gigantic northern dunes, looking like a desert landscape, are a tourist destination used for bodyboarding.  In the days of sailing ships a number of vessels were wrecked on this beach.  It is officially a public highway and in 1932, the beach was used as a runway for some of the earliest airmail service between Australia and New Zealand.

Kerry’s adopted cat kept us company.  Cats only speak the one language, “Meow” and they have a knack to include you putting play into a lot of their daily routine.  Something we humans should incorporate more often than not.  Mischief too for that matter.



A print on Kerry’s wall reminded us of why we are doing what we are doing, seeing our own back yard.  The Pohutukawa is about to flower; the Tui are in song and should be listened to; and to see bee’s in their numbers harvesting the nectar from Manuka is bountiful.


As were kids riding bikes in their bare feet and no helmets.

Bugger the tent arriving … couldn’t it have got lost in the courier system a while longer!

Claire went for a wander down onto the beach to enjoy the calmness of healing.  Walking towards her was Lasse, he had walked the whole thing.  It was so great to see him and although he was sore and achy, he was in good spirits.


All the TA family had all been accounted for now.

No more waiting up for the kids to get home!