1605: Port Royal is founded, the first European settlement north of Saint Augustine, Florida.
1607: Jamestown, Virginia is established as the first permanent English settments in the United States.
1710: Soullard House is built.
1710: Port Royal is renamed Annapolis Royal after it’s capture by the British.
1781: Sinclair Inn established.
2016: The Rurus stand inside the former Sinclair Inn (the second oldest wooden building in Canada) at Annapolis Royal.




Most of the structure is original and displayed to give one some understanding of things were built back in the day of Cowboys and Indians. Upkeep, repairs and maintenance are done with traditional wood carpentry construction methods, it’s not the modern day D-I-Y house makeover dream project. The ghosts of the past are rumoured to haunt the place, we swear we heard an un-explained faint clunking of pewter tankards drift out from the exposed wall boards!





Fort Anne is the oldest national historic site in Canada. Over 3,000 years ago, the Mi’kmaq used the site as a stopping point in their voyagers. The site was also the centre of early European colonization and settlement. Today, the parapet landscape sits at peace with remnants of buildings and cannon placements to salute Canadian’s forefathers. What is haunting is that we have never seen a native bronze monument to recognize a people who owned the dirt first. There are heaps of British and French ones who were the conquerors; but none of the people conquered.

It’s been like that right across the Maple Leaf.





Digby overlooks the picturesque Annapolis Basin and is home of the world famous Digby scallops. We are now on the opposite side of the Bay of Fundy whereby the ferry service that connects St John in New Brunswick has been running for over 200 consecutive years. It also has the low and high tides except this evening, the tide was in.


The sail boats meandering out front on the harbour waters were barely moving, that’s how calm, clear and crisp it was.

Huh, bet you the scallops below were hiding, haunted by the sight of a boat hull!