We woke up to showery weather that was welcoming.

It didn’t deter us with the distance we wanted to cover today but more to help us condition to possible extreme weather (wind, down pour, lightening, or hail) that we believe will happen at some point in the journey. It didn’t last long and the cloud cover actually allowed a day without sun screen. It means the natural smell of body odour wasn’t masked neither, bonus!

DSC00679-800x533We cat and moused our friend Ken up the side of Okanagan Lake taking a bakery stop together at Peachland. We all pushed onto Kelowna and with this weekend being a holiday one, finding accommodation was challenging because even the camp grounds were full! It meant we said our farewell to Ken who cycled another hour up the road to his; we finding the last room in a place that had us remembering the brothel we mistakenly slept in in Turkey and the ant infested bed we had in Sisaphon (Cambodia).

Nothing matters once you get to sleep :0)

DSC00669-800x533Lake beaches is new to us too. Sand has been transported to the waters edge to make it feel like you are beside the sea, except it is a lake. Quite unique given we are just on 500 kms inland since we departed Vancouver.


70 kms or there abouts is a nice distance to cover moving forward. Five days on the seat and tomorrow is a rest day in Kelowna.


We have found our rhythm.