We awoke to being surrounded in thick moisty clouds. Out came the heavier jackets to keep the dampness out and on went the tail light to signal the Ruru’s were present on the verge of the tar seal. Please don’t run us over!

Then is was down out of the mass and then a thigh burning teeth clenching grind up into the mass meaning it didn’t take long for moisture to form on the inside of the jacket. C’mon heaven, make up ya ruddy mind!

DSC05197-1280x853Dullness made for everything to be more crisp – the green of trees and grasses; the shitty brown of the river when crossing a high bridge; the yellow of head lights from on-coming cars. Alas, the sun broke through, heaven dispersed and everything brightened up except for the distance of undulation rode today.




DSC05214-1280x853It was by fluke that we bumped into Douglas the cyclist we met in Grand Falls, of all the places. His riding days were over with cycle box in hand making his way to the Fredericton airport to return home. Our disembarkation came a short time later down town when we met our homestay host (Catherine) at the bottom of her apartment in the street.



How the event’s of what followed had us in awe from share bewilderment!

We met a motorcyclist Christine on the morning of our departure way back in Marathon. Christine belongs to a motorcyclist group called ‘Motor Maids’ and from that short interaction, she put out a call to fellow Maids to offer a bed to us if passing through. Catherine (and husband Bev) sent us a message resulting in our the homestay connection in Fredericton.

Catherine and Bev were going to a family dinner (we were invited if we felt up to it) or we could attend a concert in a park directly over the road from their apartment. Local bands were playing up till 9.30pm. Then the iconic Canadian band ‘The Tragically Hip’ were going to perform via satelite from Kingston (we had already cycled through Kingston). Most of Canada were doing the same with satelite park concerts; this was the groups last performance. Their lead singer has a terminal brain tumor.

We decided to attend the concert.


DSC05222-1280x853However, this was not before Catherine took us up to the 9th floor to meet their friend Brian who was going to be holding a balcony party overlooking the concert and we were invited to join them later in the evening. Furthermore, Catherine had arranged for us to meet the Mayor of Fredericton over at the concert for which we did during the warm up bands. But before we caught up with the Mayor and then went Brian’s balcony party, we did a meet and greet with a fellow cyclist who is the owner of a face book page for people cycling across Canada.


At the balcony party, we got to meet a number of folk who were so encouraging of our cycling (including an amazing artist Boyd) that from craft beer to red wine consumed, one had to be careful that one didn’t fold up the pull down closet bed by mistake and end up in the closet sleeping upside down!



Catherine’s hospitality and social introductions this day was like we had met an angel who gave more than we ever anticipated. One could have thought that they were in heaven!

Deciding to take a lay over day in Fredericton tomorrow was not due to self indulgence … but more because of self destruction from the riding! No more needs to be said about this day.