It’s not what you think!

DSC02879-1280x853The Little Current Swing Bridge is a swing bridge that connects Highway 6 traffic between Goat Island and Manitoulin Island. The abutment and piers were built in 1912 and the bridge structure erected in 1913. On the hour between dawn and dusk for 15 minutes, it swings open to allow water craft to pass through. A ship Liner sitting at a dock at Little Current had us somewhat dumbfounded. Where had that sailed from?







It was very cool to watch this piece of heritage do it’s swing thing.

Yesterday, we hung a right onto Highway 6 to head south toward Toronto.

DSC02904-1280x853A ‘You Are Here’photo overlooking Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) had us meet a couple touring in their camper van with an invitation to visit them for a bed stopover when we pass through Quebec Province. We look forward to a ‘We Are There’ picture in due course.

It was a full smorgesboard of riding conditions and terrain today with some wicked ups taking the omph out of the legs sooner and therefore, ending our distance earlier than anticipated at Manitowaning. Not to complain, the ice cream nourishment was welcomed pending the arrival of our cyclist friend Ken. He too purchased a cone and one couldn’t have him sit there eating alone. So what if two ice creams were consumed in succession!

Berthed at the Manitowaning marina was another large passenger steam ship, the SS Norisle. It was the first one constructed in Canada after WWII and is now a floating museum. If we hadn’t of taken a right instead of a left, we would never have discovered this piece of heritage at all.



There is never a day that passes where one isn’t awed with moments of impromptu warm fuzzy emotions. The invite to stay. The swing bridge. The ship liner. The passenger steam ship. The two scoops of mint and chocolate ice cream!

That last one was more of a cold fuzzy twice over.

Yep, it is what you think … oink!