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20/6/16: That Was A Fast Longest Day Come and Gone: Grenfell to Moosomin – 111.5 kms

From tomorrow, daylight starts to shrink.

Today is summer solstice here or the longest day.


Knowing the sun was going to spend more time crossing the sky on this cloudless day, we took the opportunity to hang a couple of rights off the trans-Canada and explore three towns that straddle the highway.

DSC01756-1280x853We were making our way along one street in Wapella toward a hotel when an elderly gentleman we spoke with informed us that the hotel had closed down some years back. When it did, the whole town gave up drinking!


Just further up the street, another elderly gentleman was intrigued that we were cycling across the landscape. We confirmed that it was for pleasure yet he still reached into his pocket and tried to give us a $20 note to help with our travels. Humbling, we assured him that we were okay and in the nicest way possible, declined the gift.

In Whitewood, the woman cafe owner was also the sports shop owner. Both shops adjoined each other. Although the cream of mushroom soup and stuffed red pepper soup wafted through the cafe to make the mouth water, we stuck to a bran muffin (Brent) and sausage roll (Claire) in-between sentences as we chatted with her.


A large mural on a building wall depicted what the town main street looked like yesteryear. If only the buildings of these towns could themselves speak, we imagined the stories they could shed. I’m sure we heard the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ hammering out a tune from one of them.


The heart of these towns are surviving through a number of inhabitants like the ones we met today. Most traffic speeds passed the little dots on the map we were following. It is a shame and over time, inevitable. As the population of such towns slowly decline, so too will more buildings become dormant and the stories they hold get lost in the wind.


Who knows how many summer they have? Hopefully a lot more as another one begins to shrink.


Arriving into Moosomin, it’s our last night in Saskatchewan. Tomorrow we cross over into another Provence, Manitoba. It’s very exciting.

What’s not exciting is that our clocks go forward by an hour also. Our daylight hours shrink by that as well. That was a fast longest day come and gone!

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  1. You guts ROCK – loving this journey of yours – thanks for sharing it with us all xo

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