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Month: June 2015

There is always someone off worse than you!

There is always someone off worse than you!

Two  weeks ago we made the decision to replace the awning roof after four plus years of it being a permanent canvas roof.  It was well weathered and now raining on the inside!

The whole awning would have to be dismantled and therefore stuff stored somewhere in the interim.  Accepting a quote from the place that constructed it, one forgot to confirm the Friday of the same week!

20150614_103314And so an impromptu decision was made to dismantle the thing the following Sunday.  Asking BClaire what the weather forecast was for the next couple of days thinking we will have a new awning back up within the week – she advised the weather will be okay.

That night, it pissed down! I hadn’t covered the awning floor totally meaning as I lay there, I just had to roll over and accept the floor will eventually dry out and well, it couldn’t get any worse.

Dropping the canvas into the place on the Monday, they advised that it would take a week for new canvas to be ordered and then a week for it to be manufactured meaning a possible two weeks without an awning! I had to depart accepting the reality of caravan open nakedness and well, it couldn’t get any worse.

20150614_114448The very next morning, there was a minus 3 degree frost meaning we had an ice skating rink on our exposed awning floor right up to our door! The banter then became  who would arse up first?

But alas, there is always someone worse off than me.

BClaire has to walk further to the ablutions on mornings like these. Where one has a grin, the other has a grimace.

Surely it can’t get any worse it being snow season and all!

The Hamburger Tattoo Challenge – We Need Micro Goals to Achieve Bigger Goals

Part of designing our FB friends visit goal is the sacrifices we include today for making the tomorrow a reality.

Saving dollars by not spending on consumable doodads is a discipline – there needs to be a micro goal to achieve the bigger goal.

Once I gave up eating any type of hamburger (whether commercial or home made) in response to a challenge I failed at. If I took one mouthful within the year, I was to get a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

I love McDonald’s Bic Macs. They are the meat and three vege meal so easy and accessible to give you the nutrients a body needs. Now I know that many of you would disagree … processed food etc, etc, etc. However, another debate for another time.

My question (and point) is that each time I spend dollars on them, is it taking me closer to my goal or further away from my goal? Of course, further away.

So, let me repeat my hamburger challenge to help with the savings – no hamburgers of any type for one year starting 1 June 2015. And if I do, a tattoo of a hamburger on my person.

To go with the other four I have!

The sacrifices we make, for making tomorrow a reality.

And so begins the journey …


… and so begins the job of mapping our FB friends from around the planet … the first beer, wine, coffee or tea happens on the 4th July 2015 …

… it starts.