The body eventually caved into the mind which caved into the soul and had Vicki drop us back off opposite the Waikanae train station for us to walk the bit we were supposed to do yesterday.  Braden, Jack and Logan joined our meander atop the Waikanae River banks in the direction of the sea.  Reserve preservation has been fantastic and to watch native birds sharing the fruits of summer had us stop and stare as they fed.  Kereru, Tui and Fantail.

Today’s sky evaporated the grey to become blue and at last, there was some warmth in the ball of yellow above.  We bid our goodbyes to Vicki, Jack and Logan as we hoisted the backpacks up onto the body frames.  Braden and Jess escorted us along the beach and out of their suburb.

Kapiti Island looked radiant on the horizon as we left our foot imprints on the beach sand.  Reaching the cusp between Raumati Beach and Raumati South, a text was sent to this time, people we knew.  It was another pre-arranged stop and, well over due.

Their figures appeared coming toward us in our direction.  The voices of greeting were heard well before we could press the flesh for kisses, hugs and handshakes.  It turned neighbours heads and stopped cars in the street.  Jonielle was on a tightish timeframe to complete the North Island walking and decided to carry on some more.  More commotional street noise as we bid her farewell.

Denise and Chris were a couple that we had first met at a campsite back in 2011.  It was at a place called ‘Ginger’ at the head waters of the Nile River in Uganda, East Africa.  From memory, we think we even watched an All Black test together the following morning before we parted company.  We hadn’t seen them since although, have kept in touch over the years.

What makes this couple special was that when we first met, they had just built a school for children in Kenya.  Their story of how they ended up there through their son’s project on tracing their family tree was one that you could make a movie out of.  Denise did publish a book telling the story.

“I Share My Heart With Africa” is a beautiful read and if you love biographies, you won’t be disappointed when you add it to your book shelf or Kindle Library, either from or Amazon.

They are the most amazing couple who since we have met, have built a second school in Kenya.  Gate crashing their barbque, we meet other friends of theirs whom welcomed us to share in an evening to learn more about these remarkable hosts.  It was so much fun.

And easy to top up on beers from the previous night’s hosting at that!

Today started with one set of great people and ended with another set of great people.

A day of greatness.